The Veil of Nightmares

The Veil of Nightmares (and it’s counterpart The Veil of Dreams) is a natural hazard in the Grey, a whirlwind and storm that swirls around and scoops up souls and sends them into the land of dreams.

The most important thing to remember that most things in the Veil of Nightmares are not real. The Pits that fall forever, the Infernos that burn down house and village, the sudden disappearance of your equipment in front of snobbish people, it’s all a half illusion, brought upon the reality of the fears of the collective will of [[the Living World.]] While caught in the storm, people interact with hazards that go beyond description, and rarely is anything they face meant for them. With time, the Veil moves on, and dumps those that got caught up in the storm, back out into the world, intact and unharmed physically. Sometimes, actual souls are lost in the storm, but to scholars it is unclear if that is part of the natural cycle of the Grey, or if the Veil actually takes them away to some unknown place.

However, there are things that are inside the Veil that ARE real, and those can hurt, and those can destroy. While the consequence in the Living World is that those dreaming wake up suddenly, those that are in the Veil are not so lucky, and might not even be able to be found to be helped. The aberrants are well aware of this, and use the Veil as a hunting ground when they are not using it for more sinister purposes.

Fortunately for Madness Hunters, the Veil of Nightmares plays no favorites. It hinders or helps those that seek to cause madness as much as those that hunt them.

The Veil of Nightmares

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