Secondborn Origin


Souls that have waited for so long, getting a second chance to redeem themselves

RACIAL TRAITS Average Height: 5’4”-6’0” Average Weight: 100-180 lbs.

Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence Size: Medium Speed: 6 squares Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, Choose one other Skill Bonuses: +2 History, +2 Athletics Holding Vessel:When you make a death save, you step closer to death if you roll less then 6, and you spend a healing surge if you roll a 19 or higher. Shell of a Former Self: You are a golem and were created in the Grey, so you are considered a construct for purposes of effects that relate to a creature type, and Shadow for effects that relate to a creatures Origin. Memory of Knowledge: You gain the Memory of Knowledge racial power

Memory of Knowledge Secondborn Racial Encounter Immediate Reaction Range: Personal Trigger: You get results from a Knowledge Skill Roll that you do not like Effect: You may roll a d10 and add it to your results.

A lost soul placed in a jar, and given new life in body made of bone and porcelain shell, Secondborn are given another chance, in hopes that they will move to the next world, without becoming a Hungering Spirit. While often in the service of others to pay of the debt and cost of the ritual, the Secondborn are a populous and independent force inside the Grey, and help give a semblance of life to the misty world.

Play a Secondborn if you want…

  • To have a mysterious past that you can not remember
  • To be knowledgeable and hardy
  • To be a member of a race that favors Warlocks, wizards, and warlords


Secondborn are slightly shorter then their humans, often built slim and intricately. They have a thin gaunt look about them, with slight raised decorative touches to their porcelain plates. Bone clearly shows through where the secondborn’s plates do not join, however, and many secondborn adorn themselves with clothing with large sleeves and high collars to hide these features. They often paint their faces, or have them painted, to give themselves a more human-like appearance, even though it’s an illusion that is easily shattered. A green glow emits from behind the chest cavity plate where the Soul Jar inhabits, the glow indicating that the soul inside is very much still with the living.



Racial Feats:

Recollected Memories Prerequisite: Secondborn When you use the Memory of Knowledge racial power, you add +10 to your result, instead of rolling.

Soulsteel Jar Prerequisite: Secondborn You gain Resistance to Psychic damage equal to your Intelligence Bonus. At 21st level, add +5 to this Bonus.

Protective Glow Prerequisite: Secondborn, Defender Role When a creature that is marked by and is adjacent to you makes an attack against an ally, you may reduce the damage your ally takes by your Constitution Modifier, and take that damage yourself.

Vengeful Glow Prerequisite: Secondborn, Striker Role As long as you are bloodied, you may add your Intelligence Modifier to damage.

Gentle Glow Prerequisite: Secondborn, Leader Role Allies up to 5 squares away from you get a +1 racial bonus to death saves.

Demanding Glow Prerequisite: Secondborn, Controller Role Whenever you force a move, you may add 1 to that movement.


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