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The Grey Project

The Grey is a thin place, where souls and memories linger before moving on, and in this place lies The Veil of Nightmares. Through the Veil, it is possible to learn the secret dreads of every person in the living world, and it is possible to communicate to their subconscious minds. This is where aberrations from beyond wage a slowly destructive war against the living world, and pit brother versus brother in an unending cycle of insanity.

From the city of Light’s Hallow, the Dedicated Order of Olavi plan to wage a war. The Order has found the city of Grasp, and they intend on rooting out the evil that is plaguing on peoples minds. The Madness Hunters are the first line of defense that no one knows about, and no one living is aware of, against the destructive Mindslavers.

Humans and their allies from the Living World, join up with Secondborn, the Fading, and the Corineige to brave tracking down the madness makers into the wilderness of the Grey, and bring down the plots of Things that should not be.

Main Page

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