Light's Hallow

Light’s Hallow is on the edge of Shuckhold’s Duchy, and is one o fthe more beautiful places inside the duchy. Two tall, long, petrified trees stand in a large roughly rectangular arch, overlooking a nearby hill. Twice a year, the wall between worlds becomes shallow, and the seam parts, and the gate opens up to the Living World. True light filters through from the misty clouds above and it is possible for people to cross from the Grey to the Living World.

Light’s Hallow is dived up into several Districts

  • Temple District

The old broken shell of Lugh’s temple lies in ruin in the District’s square. It’s bone white bricks have been salvaged for use in newer temples. Temples to Morrigan and to Bridget are the most prominate in the square now.

  • Hope’s District

The Heart of the city, set on the edge of a hill, is the Hope’s District. Home of the City Council and Hope’s Gate, it is also the home of most of the living world merchants that brave the Grey to set up shop. It is here where the Soulforge is, and where souls that have forgotten what they were waiting for are rebirthed as Secondborn, and given a new chance to live, so they may pass on.

  • Waiting District

Darker than the rest of Light’s Hallow, the Waiting District is where souls resides, waiting for the opening Hope’s Gate, and the possibility of completing their wait. The district is dangerous to the living as those that become bitter in their waiting tend to become hungering and start to hassle the Living. The town Militia keeps regular patrols, watching out for new outbreaks of the hungering.

  • Living District

Inhabited by long term Natural Worlders, and other more fleshy people, the Living District is where those that have come to the Grey to stay make their residence. Most notable among the inhabitants are the Greyborn humans, the Corviniege, and those undergoing the Fading preside.

Light's Hallow

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